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Merry Christmas to us, and to Earth!

Have you ever thought about how much paper is wasted during the holidays each year? There are estimates of over 30 million trees dying just to make our Christmas wrapping paper – each year! Most of it ends up in the trash right after presents are opened. We can do better than this for our planet!

Another idea besides buying disposable wrapping paper is using gift bags, which are easier to reuse. Or you can gift experiences instead of items in packages. Yet another idea is to make or buy reusable cloth bags to use instead of paper. If you sew and have extra fabric lying around, or have a friend or family member who does, it may be easier than you think!

My family has made and used cloth bags in the past, but in a pinch also loves these cloth ideas from items we already have around the house. Using items you already have such as sweaters, pillow cases, socks and hats is not only easy and fast but creates no waste for the planet whatsoever! Using items with a fun festive print adds even more flair to your gifts. Get creative and you may surprise yourself. Even that old Christmas tablecloth you never use but keep in your closet would be perfect for wrapping a large gift. You can add ribbon or tags however you’d like to finish it off.

Here’s a sweater with fabulous knit texture that worked great for a set of books:

Here is an extra Christmas hat that worked perfectly for a small gift-


This adorable extra pillow case worked well for a large gift-

And a (very clean) pair of socks works great as bottle bags! You can even gift new socks with a bottle gift.

Some other ideas include new reusable grocery bags, canvas totes, pretty handkerchiefs, or a new clothing item that can serve as wrapping and also an additional gift. What about wrapping a Christmas gift in new Christmas pajamas or fleece blanket for a cozy Christmas Eve? Just wrapping one gift without paper is a step in the right direction. Good luck and happy gifting – while also giving a gift to our planet!